What is the pricing structure?

MySlice is currently in an invitation-only private beta. You can request free access to our beta program - it won’t take longer than 2 minutes. A representative will reach out to you when it is time to activate your account.

While MySlice is free to use for the duration of the beta program, we will introduce paid plans in 2020.

Who are your customers?

MySlice is ideal for small and midsize IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) based in the United States. We understand the unique challenges of running a growing enterprise and have designed the MySlice incentive program to give our customers the competitive edge they need to attract talent, grow the client base and maximize returns.

What makes you different from other solutions?

Traditional bonus and incentivization programs provide employee rewards way too late in the game, creating a disconnect between performance and compensation. They also tend to base bonuses on meaningless metrics that have nothing to do with the company’s overall performance. With MySlice, you reward the behaviors that create value and contribute to organizational success. Our KPI scorecards give every employee near-time performance feedback and up-to-date insight into their bonus payout. MySlice dials into the key motivators that drive our behavior to align everyone’s best interests, from the owner to the sales rep to the technician.

Which applications and software do you integrate with?

MySlice currently integrate with ConnectWise Manage and SmileBack. We will roll out more integrations in the coming months. If you are interested in a particular integration, please email us at [email protected].

I am concerned about security - what steps are you taking to ensure my data is protected?

Protecting your data is critically important to us and we make significant efforts to ensure its safety. Read about the specific steps we take to preserve the integrity of your information on our Application Security page.