MySlice is a partnership between Dave Wilkeson, an MSP consultant and Jimmy Puckett, owner of an MSP in Macon, Georgia.

As a consultant, Dave has spent years helping MSPs learn how to interpret and leverage business data to increase revenue and improve the bottom line. In the process, he found that most businesses can position themselves for success by implementing an incentive program that aligns every employee on the team behind the organizational goals and encourages high performance.

As a founder of an IT firm, Jimmy knew how to keep his customers happy but needed innovative solutions to help his business grow without introducing inefficiencies and lowering profitability. After implementing a bonus program for his technicians, Jimmy saw firsthand how the right kind of financial incentives can improve team morale, increase performance and maximize returns.

Together, they saw an opportunity to help other Managed Service Providers implement a financial incentive program based on the outcomes that directly contribute to the bottom line and align everyone's expectations. That solution is MySlice. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

In June of 2018, MySlice won first place at the inaugural ConnectWise Tech Tank contest. And today, MySlice is in private beta. We invite you to sign up for MySlice and see how we can help you reach your business goals in 2020.

Jimmy Puckett, Co-Founder

Jimmy is a lifelong programmer, tech geek and the founder of SPINEN, one of the leading IT and Managed Service Providers in the southeast US. Jimmy leads the strategic vision for SPINEN, finding ways that bleeding-edge technologies can become leading-edge solutions for today's business challenges. He resides in Culloden, Georgia.

Dave Wilkeson, Co-Founder

Dave is a serial entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience building technology companies, the latest being a 100-employee Managed Services and Cloud Services provider. Since 2013, David has been helping MSPs throughout the US & Canada to scale and refine their businesses through one-on-one coaching and consulting. Dave lives in Canfield, Ohio.