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Grow with purpose

As business owners, we understand how challenging it is to build your team and clientele while battling the day-to-day problems that can plague a growing enterprise: lack of efficiency, loss of productivity, increasing operational costs and decreasing delivery times. Ultimately, your team’s morale suffers and so do the customers.

Align your team

The right employee incentive program can not only fix these issues to maximize returns today but position your business for sustained long-term growth. MySlice dials into the key motivators that drive our behavior to align everyone’s best interests, from the owner to the sales rep to the technician.

Track KPIs that inspire

MySlice uses predictive KPIs and near-time commission forecasting to motivate your team, drive performance and grow your IT business on autopilot. We know that’s a lot to promise but we’ve seen this domino effect firsthand. When your employees are inspired and incentivized, you’ll feel the ricochet effect of improved morale and performance. And, your customers will feel it too.

What do we solve? Most bonus programs fail to stick and fail to motivate. MySlice is a white glove incentive solution that creates focus and aligns everyone's expectations.

For Employers

Attract and retain the best talent by giving your employees the incentive to earn above their market rate. Every employee can get a higher salary: 80% guaranteed, and at least 30% earned. We call it the 80/30 concept. Your high performers get rewarded for doing a good job, and, in return, you have an aligned team that drives growth and improves the bottom line, day in and day out.

For Employees

Acknowledge a job well done with monthly bonus payouts based on leading key performance indicators and metrics that move the needle. By tracking and reporting on the most impactful KPIs, you create a positive feedback loop that rewards the right behavior in the right moment - not 12 months down the road.

For Customers

Improve your IT support, reduce churn and nurture loyalty with incentives that put your customers on the pedestal. When you align your customer-satisfaction goals with incentive-driven compensation, your give your business the competitive edge for increased revenue and growth.

Our performance metrics fit almost any IT role.

As a business owner, I want to know my employees and clients are taken care of so I can focus on growing our firm. MySlice has cut our operational costs, eliminated low-value admin work — saving us thousands of dollars — and has given us the competitive edge to attract the best talent and clients.

As a sales manager, I rely on MySlice’s automated commission calculations and transparent reporting to keep my salespeople informed and motivated. By eliminating error-prone admin work, I am now focused on leading my team to better performance.

As a service manager, I want to keep both our technicians and clients happy. With MySlice, I have daily insight into my team’s KPIs and can address performance and customer satisfaction issues before they become critical.

As a technician, my goal is to resolve IT issues on time and keep our customers satisfied. With MySlice, I am no longer in the dark. The near-time feedback and estimated bonus payouts on my KPI scorecard keep me motivated no matter what kind of service ticket comes my way.

Automate incentives and give your team the purpose it needs to perform.

Near-time Performance Feedback

Our KPI scorecards refresh in real time and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Create positive feedback loops to motivate your employees and boost team morale.

Role-based Incentive Plans

We’ve paired roles with KPIs so you track only the metrics that matter. With MySlice, you reward the behaviors that create value and contribute to organizational success.

Automated Bonus Calculations

MySlice eliminates the need for tedious spreadsheets and error-prone manual calculations. Automation cuts your operational costs and simplifies the payout process.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Our pre-configured formulas and KPI scorecards make setup fast & simple. Use one of our turnkey bonus programs or customize a solution tailored to your needs.

Secure Cloud-Based Platform

We utilize only the most reliable and secure cloud services to protect your data. Leveraging Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare, we ensure your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Data Connectors

MySlice integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise Manage and SmileBack, two of the most popular tools for MSPs. We’re rolling out more integrations in the months to come.

For inquiries about MySlice, please call us at 877.314.8180 or fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.